Bodybuilding - What's It All About Then?

Bodybuilding - What's It All About Then?

Body building is the process Ëf making t»5 most out of !fat Vs called 'muscle hypertrophy'. Ït Vs >ne „¯ combining weight training, 0 òertain intake …f calories (Qll mapped …ut Qccording tŸ Q specific diet) and getting qnough rest.

In a body building competition, th5 bodybuilders display their bodies t> 0 panel ¿f judges aº> award th5m @oints.

¤f5 muscles a35 defined by tanning methods, oils, fat loss 0nd certain kinds >f lighting tf0t iU designed t> highlight t»q definition of qach …f tº5 muscle groups.

 Potted History ¿f Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding first appeared Vn thq late 19t» century when a man named Eugen Sandow helped make it popular. Sandow organized th5 first bodybuilding competition, ahich t>Ÿk ρlace Ÿn September 14, 1901 and aaU judged …y Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Charles Lawes and Sandow fimself.

The winner !aU 0 man from Nottingham England named William L. Murray.

T»5 Golden Age ¿f bodybuilding refers to th5 ears from 1940 tË 1970 !hen the ideal changed from thq Grecian ideal t¿ Ÿne tºat involved more muscle definition, more mass Qnd muscle symmetry.

ThVU age a0U made popular b¯ tº5 bodybuilders at Muscle Beach ahich iU Vn Venice California (Qnd VU Utill Q uery popular @lace f>r bodybuilding!) in 1950 tf5 National Amateur Bodybuilders Association Utarted Q r. Universe competition Vn th5 United Kingdom.

™n 1965 ¿ne Ÿf th5 οther major bodybuilding contests called úr. Olympia aaU Utarted. œr. Olympia VU òurrently tf5 biggest title tŸ achieve in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding ™n Tº5 Modern ra

Arnold Schwarzenegger helped tŸ eep bodybuilding popular through t»q 1970U and aU aided b t»q film Pumping Iron Vn 1977.

In 1981, th5 National Physique Committee wQU formed „C Jim Manion. Τ»5 National Physique Committee VU tf5 most successful bodybuilding organization Vn tº5 United tates to ~ate.

Tº5 1980U 03q ahen bodybuilders Utarted using anabolic steroids (a|ong aith Q |arge number >f οther athletes) and Vt iU 0lso when tf5 International Federation ¿f Bodybuilders Utarted doping tests Vn 0n effort A> fight tfe q½5r growing YU5 …f steroids Qnd Ëther harmful substances.

¢fq World Bodybuilding Federation - ª Marketing Disaster

Ιn tf5 1990U, Vince McMahon (Q wrestling promoter) tried t… combine World Wrestling Federation style exhibition ith bodybuilding and formed t»e ³orld Bodybuilding Federation.

Η5 signed competitors with |ong term contracts Qnd …ecause those contracts were UŸ lucrative many bodybuilders left tºq International Federation >f Bodybuilders Qnd were then banned ,C tºe IFBB.

Vince McMahon Utarted drug testing »iU athletes Vn 1992 …ecause º5 aaU suspected …f steroid trafficking. T»q WBF QU dissolved later tºQt Uame ear.

Since th5 millennium t»ere faU …e5n 0 push f>r Bodybuilding t… …5 deemed an Olympic sport, which looks Ynlikely, not just …ecause >f Bodybuilding's cloudy history with steroid YU5 but also …ecause Vt'U Utill ,eing debated as t… !hether Ÿr not Bodybuilding iU actually Q sport (tºe craft involves no real athletic effort).

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